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No Factory Tea

MAAU TEA - 100% Pure Garden Fresh CTC Tea

“Tea garden has huge area of land for tea cultivation and mostly have their own set up of machines to make granular tea from tea leafs. It has good quality as compared to factory tea. As per our expertise, high grown Darjeeling with Upper Assam tea gardens are known for their quality. Again the quality of tea cultivation matters which usually keeps on changing based on many factors like weather, crop quality, etc. We select the tea all the time and make available the super fine quality at your doorstep”
“Tea factories are entities having set up of machines and don’t have land area for tea cultivation. They usually procure tea leafs from Gardens to make them in granular form. As per our expertise of tea, factory tea has low shelf life with gradual decrease of taste with time. Quality of tea rarely matters due to which its price usually being lower than Garden Tea”